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My First Book: SA Creepy-Crawlies Uys Charmaine

My First Book: SA Creepy-Crawlies Uys Charmaine

  • R 11000

My first book of Southern African creepy-crawlies is the newest title in this children's series, and a companion to its sister edition on Southern African Insects. The title covers 58 spiders, snails, millipedes and other creatures (excluding insects) that are likely to be seen around the home and garden. An illustrated introduction gives context to the subject, and then each page features: a vivid, full-colour illustration; clear, informative text and visual clues for both pre- and beginner readers; translation into 3 other languages – Afrikaans, Xhosa and Zulu; simple graphics conveying the creatures’ size, what it eats and when it is active. This illustrated title will introduce everyday creatures to both pre-readers and those beginning to read in their mother tongue.

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