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My Tears Miss You by Sbusiso Manqa

My Tears Miss You by Sbusiso Manqa

  • R 17500

We label love as the most potent weapon on the face of the planet because it is the one thing that can make each and every one of us weak. It makes us vulnerable, foolish, desperate and leaves us victims. On the flip side, it gives us confidence to the point of arrogance, as we walk among others with a godlike aura. My Tears Miss You speaks of the uncommon side of love expressed in a flirtatious manner. The pieces herein voice the feelings and thoughts that we keep to ourselves most of the time. They relate more to the jealousy in you, the fear of losing, the pain of longing, the excitement of having a crush, the speechless thoughts of not knowing how to say “I love you,” being with the wrong person instead of the one you really desire, and many more feelings that relate to love which we find so difficult to express. My Tears Miss You is an emotional rollercoaster that exposes the beauty and purity of LOVE.

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