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Namaste Life by Ishara Maharaj

Namaste Life by Ishara Maharaj

  • R 22000

I wish I had a sister who loved me so fiercely.

Surya and Anjani are twins, but they could not be more different. Anjani is calm, devout and responsible, while Surya just wants to party the days away.

When they leave the safety of their affluent Durban suburb to attend university in the Eastern Cape, Anjani knows where her duty lies to look after Surya at all costs. There is no way their conservative Hindu parents would have let them go otherwise.

But fate intervenes in the form of a vicious assault, and for a while it seems as though the twins bond may be shattered forever. As they start rebuilding their lives, little do they know that divine providence is on their side.

Author Ishara Maharaj
ISBN 9781928215363
Format Paperback
Pages 196p.

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