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Nelson Mandela: A Force for Freedom

Nelson Mandela: A Force for Freedom

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Nelson Mandela: A Force for Freedom

Millions of people owe their liberty to Nelson Mandela's dedication and refusal to be silenced. This spectacular biography celebrates his life with beautiful photographs and well-informed writing by the award-winning South African journalist Christina Scott. Readers will be inspired and encouraged by Mandela's vision, his struggle, and his success. This biography follows his life through early childhood; his involvement with the ANC, South Africa's oldest liberation movement; his imprisonment; the struggle for his freedom; his liberation and years as president; and the work he continues to do around the world. This impressive volume is a fitting tribute to the life and work of a heroic man.

Author Christina Scott
ISBN 0517228114, 9780517228111
Format Hardback
Pages 60p.

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