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Nicole In the Surf Is My Turf (Paperback) <br> Lulu & Tee

Nicole In the Surf Is My Turf (Paperback)
Lulu & Tee

  • R 6000

This title was commissioned by the Save our seas foundation to educate children about the Great White Shark, a truly magnificent creature, and its food chain. It is part of the "Rethink the Shark" campaign. This is a true story about Nicole, the Great White Shark which caused quite a stir after being tagged in South African waters, and then, to everyone's amazement, she was tracked swimming to Western Australia. The trip of more than 11 000 kilometres took only 99 days for this 3.8-metre shark. Remarkably, six months later she was observed back in South Africa. Nicole, who was named after Australian actress Nicole Kidman following her Aussie adventure, made the fastest recorded return-trip across an ocean of any marine animal. Like many sharks, Nicole is rather partial to fish, which is how she lands up in a bit of a pickle with some trek fishermen in this story. In South Africa, trek-net fishing has been practiced for centuries and is a skill passed down the generations. Great Whites are only occasionally caught in trek nets, and are usually set free. Read this title to find out about Nicole’s big day out fishing! The story is written in rhyme and aimed at 3 - 7 year olds.

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