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Pappa In Doubt

Pappa In Doubt


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Pappa In Doubt

Once again parodying HergÌÎÌ_'sTintin in the Congo(1931), Kannemeyer exposes the contradictions and paradoxes of life in the postcolony. The artist is as provocative as he is playful, and does not spare himself the relentless, humorous scrutiny to which he subjects politicians, despots and his neighbours in the leafy suburbs. In addition to drawings, paintings and prints, the book features extended comics in which Kannemeyer traces the dawning of his political consciousness as a young white Afrikaans-speaking South African, whose life is entwined with the joys and realities of Africa. His comics and other singular images also confront and reflect on the racism embedded in language and the physical and mental violence ingrained in the deeply divided society in which he lives.

About the Author
Anton Kannemeyer, aka Joe Dog, was born in 1967 and lives in Cape Town. He is co-editor with Conrad Botes of the satirical Bitterkomix series, founded in 1992. Kannemeyer has exhibited at various art museums in Johannesburg, Cape Town, New York, Eindhoven, Antwerp, and San Francisco. His previous publications includeThe Big Bad Bitterkomix,Bitterkomix Annual(2008),Pappa in Afrika(2010),Alphabet of Democracy(2010) and The Erotic Drawings of Anton Kannemeyer(2014).

Author Anton Kannemeyer
ISBN 9781431422104
Format Hardback
Pages 96p.

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