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Pelican Crossing , by Hilary Cotterill

Pelican Crossing , by Hilary Cotterill

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Pelican Crossing: The Misadventures of a Trainee Nurse

Hilary Cotterill was eighteen when she took her first steps through the snow toward her dream of becoming a nurse. Unfortunately, her dream wasn't all she expected it would be. The grim, gray dorm was complete with an alarming tilt, mice, and cockroaches--a far cry from her privileged home as an expatriate in Hong Kong. Whether she's comforting a newly bereaved wife, babysitting a friend's hamster, or struggling with a misbehaving uniform or a violent drunk, Hilary's compassion, keen observation, and cheerful good humor keep breaking through.

Author Hilary Cotterill
ISBN 0825460603, 9780825460609
Format Paperback
Pages 255p.

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