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Period Pain  <br> by Kopono Matlwa

Period Pain
by Kopono Matlwa

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Kopano Matlwa̴ stole South Africa's heart with her debut novel Coconut.With almost 25 000 sales this award-winning title cemented her position as one of SA's bestselling authors.

  • With her follow-up novel, Spilt Milk, Kopano continued to amaze us with her ability to intimately address complex political issues through relatable characters.
  • This year she brings us her best novel yet, Period Pain; a compelling story about how the broken continue to survive.
  • Kopano Matlwa is a brand in her own right, and to celebrate this third work all three of her titles will be re-branded and jacketed. Look out for the epitome of #BlackGirlMagic.

South Africa never was, nor ever will be the Rainbow Nation we believed Mandela dreamt about. But we've woken up and grown up and we're trying to come to terms with this reality.

Kopano has also grown as a writer in the last few years. In Period Pain she has poignantly captured the heartache and confusion of so many South Africans who feel defeated by the litany of headline horrors; xenophobia, corrective rape, corruption and crime and for many the death sentence that is the public health nightmare.

Where are we going, what have we become?

Period Pain helps us navigate our South Africa. We meet Masechaba, and through her story we are able to reflect, to question and to rediscover our humanity.

About the Author
Kopano Matlwa is one of South Africa's most vibrant young writers and winner of the European Union Literary Award 2007. A medical graduate, Kopano is the author of the critically acclaimed novel Coconut, and

Spilt Milk which won the Wole Soyinka Prize for Literature in 2010. She has recently returned to South Africa after completing an MSc in Global Health Science and is currently reading for a DPhil in Population Health at the University of Oxford.

Author Kopano Matlwa
ISBN 9781431424375
Format Paperback
Pages 157p.