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Planet Savage

Planet Savage

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Planet Savage

Planet Savageis a story narrated by Leungo, anine-year old with a very interesting outlook on life; he views his parents as good-for-nothing savages who care only for themselves; who drink themselves silly with friends who come round every day, leaving any concern for his education by the wayside.

However, when Leungo's father, goaded by a piece of advice from a particularly inebriated friend, takes him into the bundus to meet and spend time with his grandparents who haven't seen him since he was an infant, Leungo experiences a profound culture shock, and he begins to realize that what you have is better that what you can only dream about.

Planet Savageis a shining dÌÎÌ_but novel, filled with humour, from Tuelo Gabonewe, who will leave you with some profound insights while you roll on the floor laughing.

About the Author
Tuelo Gaboneweis a writer of English fiction who does not take the stock approach to his craft. He has a hectic day job because he's got bills to pay but his passion is and will always be in writing. The man hopes to go on become the world's greatest writer of all time.

Author Tuelo Gabonewe
ISBN 9781770097513
Format Paperback
Pages 159p.

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