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Poverty, Politics and Policy in South Africa

Poverty, Politics and Policy in South Africa

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Poverty, Politics and Policy in South Africa

Along with inequality and unemployment, poverty is seen as South Africa's biggest challenge with over half of South Africans living below the national poverty line. Poverty is arguably the most pressing social, economic and political problem faced in South Africa. When South Africa finally held its first democratic elections in 1994, the country had a much higher poverty rate than in other countries at a similar level of development. While the exclusion of the poor occurs in very many countries, in South Africa it has a distinctive extra dimension. Here, poverty has been profoundly racialised by law, by social practice, and by prejudice. This was the legacy of apartheid. Over twenty years later, poverty is still widespread.Poverty, Politics & Policy in South Africaexplains why poverty has persisted in South Africa since 1994.

In the book, authors Jeremy Seekings and Nicoli Nattrass demonstrate who has and who has not remained poor, how public policies both mitigated and reproduced poverty, and how and why these policies were adopted. Their analysis of the South African welfare state, labour market policies and the growth path of the South African economy challenges conventional accounts that focus only on 'neoliberalism'. They argue, instead, that the ANC government's policies have been, in important respects, social democratic.

The book shows how social-democratic policies both mitigate and reproduce poverty in countries like South Africa, reflecting the contradictory nature of social democracy in the global South. It is available in good bookstores.

About the authors
Jeremy Seekingsis Professor of Political Studies and Sociology at the University of Cape Town.

Nicoli Nattrassis Professor of Economics at the University of Cape Town. Both are based in the Centre for Social Science Research at the University of Cape Town.

Authors Jeremy Seekings & Nicoli Nattrass
ISBN 9781431424269
Format Paperback
Pages 335p.

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