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Prospects of Babel: New imagery from the Congo

Prospects of Babel: New imagery from the Congo

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The majestic Congo River traverses regions so diverse they might be in different countries, but those mighty waters linking East Africa to the Atlantic coast unite them. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is made up of about 250 ethnic groups using over 700 languages and dialects.

Africa's Tower of Babel is peopled be energetic and inventive individuals who daily struggle to rise above decades of dictatorial leadership born of colonial horror.

How do ordinary people love, live and survive in the extraordinary RDC, a country that is the size of a western Europe, which has wealth beyond measure in it's natural resources, yet is one of the poorest countries in the world?.

This book explores how "first world" cellphone technology has seamlessly and positively integrated with "third world" conditions and lives. It raises the question of whether the humble mobile phone has succeeded in fulfilling the DRC's destiny to be a united state.

In pictures taken by some of the world's finest photographers, the rich diversity of lives lived in this fascinating, baffling, heart of Africa explored.

Author Greg Marinovich
ISBN 9780620407427
Format Paperback
Pages 116p.

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