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Psych-ward Blues

Psych-ward Blues

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Psych-ward Blues

Psych-ward Blues is a poet's memoir of her gradual dive into depression and the journey to escape its dark claws. Hazel Tobo speaks candidly about the unhappiness that followed her moving to a new city and enrolling in a course of study that she had randomly picked to make her parents happy, despite the fact thats she had no interest in tertiary life. During her journey, she lives in different areas of the city that all reek of their own darkness, concluding that this apparent City of Gold is no place for fragile people, or people at all. She experiences too many losses and finally loses herself when she comes to terms with her parents' divorce and her own failing relationship of four years. Here she reaches a point of self-harm again until she admits her horrific state of disarray and is willingly committed to a psychiatric clinic for treatment.

Author Hazel Tobo
ISBN 9780620688802
Format Paperback
Pages 86p.

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