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Recovering Democracy in South Africa

Recovering Democracy in South Africa

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Recovering Democracy in South Africa

South Africa's hard-won democracy, symbolised by the late liberation hero Nelson Mandela, was the main victim of the chaos in parliament during President Jacob Zuma's State of the Nation Address. InRecovering Democracy in South Africa, Raymond Suttner brings together the best of his recent writings and essays; he offers a fresh look at the wide range of contentious issues that currently preoccupy South Africans, from the threat to constitutionalism to problems with leadership and questions of ethics. The book is as much an in-depth engagement with our difficult present as it is a damning account of the politics of the Zuma era.

Despite his strong argued criticism of the present political order, Suttner does not leave the reader with a sense of powerlessness or pessimism. Much of the book is devoted to uncovering the strengths and fundamental values of our democracy and envisioning ways by which South Africans can recover and build on the promise of 1994.

Author Raymond Suttner
ISBN 9781431421589
Format Paperback
Pages 254p.

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