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Red ink
Angela Makholwa

  • R 19000

Who is the serial killer, and what motivates him? When public relations consultant Lucy Khambule, young, beautiful and ambitious, receives a call from Napoleon Dingiswayo - a convicted serial killer, nicknamed "The Butcher" by the media - she sets out to fulfil her childhood dream of writing a book by answering this question. Napoleon is an all too obliging subject, but Lucy discovers that her choice of topic is not for the faint-hearted. Soon after meeting him in Pretoria's notorious C-Max Prison her world is turned upside down by a number of violent and disturbing events. Napoleon is behind bars, but Lucy cannot shake the thought that the brutal killings have something to do with him. Can she uncover the method and the madness behind this monster? As she learns that people have their reasons for being who they are and doing what they do, Lucy must decide what price she is willing to pay to pursue her dream.

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