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Restoring Humanity by Phathutshedzo Mamafha

Restoring Humanity by Phathutshedzo Mamafha

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Social ills are the unfortunate norm in our fast-paced, "mind your own business" environment we find ourselves in today. We have forgotten our humanness, compassion and love for others, and our innate ability to choose right over wrong. How do we bring morality, values and empathy back into our communities?
Luke 6:31 (NIV) says: "Do unto others as you would have them do to you." If you want others to love, respect and treat you well, you must do the same to them. If you want them to show you their humanity, you must show them yours too. Do not expect the best from others, if you bring your worst to them.The spirit of ubuntu is perhaps the only blueprint left for healing society of its afflictions. This book speaks about how we can use ubuntu and biblical teachings to restore humanity to human beings.
It is an important reminder of the kind of people that we can and are meant to be.
Author Phathutshedzo Mamafha


ISBN 978062099468237
Format Paperback
Pages 96p.

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