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Rough Diamond

Rough Diamond

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When despondent 4th-year medical student Tshidi Gule dialled ace businesswoman and celebrated beauty queen, Basetsana Kumalo's number back in 2004, little did she realise that this seemingly small gesture would be the start of a profound mentorship relationship, spanning more than a decade.

Rough Diamondis an inspiring, info-packed journey told through the eyes of Dr Tshidi Gule, unveiling the intimate and unorthodox mentorship relationship with Kumalo, the first black Miss South Africa pageant winner of the newly democratic South Africa, crowned in 1994.

Rough Diamond̴Ì_hones in on the life skills, and golden leadership and business tips that Kumalo generously shares with Tshidi, inspiring a unique legacy of sisterhood not just synonymous with business but with the mysteries, joys and challenges of life.
Rough Diamond

Written in an accessible and compelling style, Dr Gule explores the often misconstrued world of mentorship, and the triumphs, despairs and complexities of female empowerment in South Africa.

In her highly personal journey that sees her wrenched away from everything familiar, family, friends and safe spaces, Dr Gule explores new territories most young South African girls born during her time once thought impossible.

Inspired by her mentor Bassie's entrepreneurial vision, Dr Gule opts to leave secure employment to carve her own space in the gruelling world of business, launching her own health enterprise, Medispace. As she ventures into the unconventional side of the corporate jungle, she is confronted head on by challenges like fear of failure, self doubt and bankruptcy, learning hard and invaluable lessons that shed light on why so many fledgling businesses crumble in their first two years of infancy.

Rough Diamond̴Ì_also unpacks the South African landscape of job creation, challenges youth face when starting their small to medium enterprises and the innovative navigation required to succeed in the toughest economic climate. Through a powerful and bold narrative, Tshidi celebrates those who have risen to the challenge of inspiring youth away from entitlement towards self-driven success. The book challenges young entrepreneurs to face their expectations, dig deeper into their emotional intelligence and dare to live a life that exemplifies hard work, talent and social integrity.

UltimatelyRough Diamondis a book of triumph, about embarking on a journey towards a hard fought for destination that marries our deepest fears with our deepest desires.

Author Tshidi Gule
ISBN 9781920601409
Format Paperback
Pages 165p.

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