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Rough Music<br>by Ari Sitas

Rough Music
by Ari Sitas

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Rough Music is a selection from the nine books and poetry manuscripts that Ari Sitas has written over the past 25 years. His poems are notable for their historical-political astuteness flavored with a romantic surrealism. Sitas writes in a variety of poetic forms, from exuberant jazz-like improvisations to astringent political observations, from humorous dialogues to diary-like narratives. Though always complex, the warmth and self-interrogation of his poems ensures their wide appeal. Sitas is a distinguished and creative sociologist, a novelist, a dramatist who was co-founder of the Junction Avenue Theater Company, and a cultural activist well known for his work with trade unions and worker theater during his many years in Durban. He has collaborated with a number of artists, actors, and musicians, most recently with the Indian-South African Insurrections Ensemble, performing at the 2013 Poetry Africa Festival.

Title: Rough Music: Selected Poems [1989-2013]

Author: Ari Sitas

Publisher: Deep South

Paperback, 158 pages


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