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Selected Poems <br> by Paul Farley

Selected Poems
by Paul Farley

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Paul Farley is now widely recognized as one of the leading English poets writing today.̴Ì_Selected Poems̴Ì_takes stock of a singular talent of great formal gifts: for readers new to his work, this is an ideal and generous introduction, drawing on four collections from his acclaimed debut̴Ì_The Boy from the Chemist is Here to See You̴Ì_to his most recent,̴Ì_The Dark Film. Farley is a cultural archivist, a nostalgist of the darkest and most unsettling kind, and a meticulous curator of those fleeting details which define our lives and times most poignantly: he already reads like one of the poets by whom future generations will know us best. His̴Ì_Selected Poems̴Ì_is a marvellous introduction to one of poetry‰ۡó»s most capacious and eclectic imaginations.

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