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Shark Carel Van Der Merwe

Shark Carel Van Der Merwe

  • R 5000

Business tycoon Stephen Winter is at the top of his game. He lives in a R50 million mansion with his beautiful and younger second wife, he's negotiating a deal with the Government that will see him at least achieve his burning ambition - a person net worth of one billion rand. But this may be one deal too far. His obsessive pursuit of wealth has led him into netherworld of corruption and political infighting; powerful and vindictive enmies are closing in on him, and they don't play by corporate rules. And Winter is not what he seems. His past is the creation of his deceit as much as his present self is the creation of his will. But underneath it all shudders the messy rag and bone shop of the heart, and it can be evaded for only so long.

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