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Shifting Sands by Ike Obidike

Shifting Sands by Ike Obidike

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After seven years in South Africa, Uche, a Nigerian visits home and informs his family about his marriage plans. His mother is over-joyed, and ready with a suitable bride, Uloma. The family's joy turns to despair, and later anger, when they learn that Uche's choice bride is Thembi, his South African girlfriend - a foreigner!.

But Thembi is also under severe pressure from everyone around her to reconcile with Nhlanhla, her ex.

Back in South Africa, detention and betrayal trails Uche. But when death and birth happens almost simultaneously, Uche has to make a difficult decision - a decision that took Thembi by surprise and threatened the very tradition which Uche, as the only son, was bound to uphold.

Author Ike Obidike
ISBN 9780620758383
Format Paperback
Pages 318p.

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