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South Africas Insurgent Citizens

South Africas Insurgent Citizens


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South Africa's Insurgent Citizens:On Dissent and the Possibility of Politics

Twenty years after South Africa's first democratic election, the nation's politics are more fractious than ever before. The lofty dreams of the early days of the post-apartheid era have dissolved into cynicism in the face of incessant police violence, the quashing of dissent, and the spread of corruption. To many South Africans today, politics is a failed enterprise, the preserve only of the corrupt, the self-interested, the incompetent, and the violent.

With this book, Julian Brown mounts a powerful, polemic argument against that sort of despair. Politics is alive and well in South Africa--if you know where to look. Brown reveals a new kind of politics, in the streets and the courtrooms, a politics created by a new kind of citizen, one that is neither respectful nor passive, but insurgent. South African politics, Brown argues, may be fractured--but it's in those very cracks that a powerful new movement is beginning to grow.

Author Julian Brown
ISBN 178360297X, 9781783602971
Format Paperback
Pages 176p.