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Stand Against Bland, by Sylvester Chauke

Stand Against Bland, by Sylvester Chauke

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Founder of multi-award-winning marketing and brand consultancy, DNA Brand Architects, Sylvester Chauke, takes a Stand Against Bland with new book coming out this Friday, 1 November 2019.

A CNBC All Africa Business Young Leader of the Year, SA Premier Business Entrepreneur of the Year, BBQ Young Leader of the Year, named Top 100 South Africans amongst other accolades, has positioned Sylvester Chauke as one of the most noteworthy leaders of our generation. He pays it forward with his highly anticipated book, Stand Against Bland. More than just a sentence, “stand against bland” is a call to action, a way of life, and a unique approach that has allowed Sylvester Chauke to stand out as a powerful creative and marketing force.

“The first time I walked into DNA, I had no idea who Sylvester was or what the company did. I remember very vividly though the goosebumps I had walking into an office space that screamed both success and freedom. What I have discovered and learnt about the man since then, has convinced me that there is a whole world waiting for all of us to break moulds, ‘stand against bland’ and claim what is due to us,” shares Thabiso Mahlape, founder and publisher of Blackbird Books.

Mahlape adds: “Blackbird Books is a platform that concerns itself with black talent that is claiming space boldly, and this book is exactly it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed making it.”

Having made a mark during his time as the national marketing manager for Nando’s South Africa, then later at MTV Networks Africa as director of marketing and communication; Sylvester Chauke has over 20 years of experience using the “stand against bland” approach – the cornerstone of his success which has led his consultancy to work on some of the most revered brands on the continent, and make history this year as the first black-owned agency to win a PRISM Campaign of the Year in its 22-year history.

Sylvester Chauke receives hundreds of messages on a weekly basis from many people, especially young people, asking him:

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