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Star Maps for Southern Africa - An Easy Guide to the Night Skies (Paperback)

Star Maps for Southern Africa - An Easy Guide to the Night Skies (Paperback)

  • R 5000

Star maps for Southern Africa is the first star guide of its kind in the southern hemisphere. It features 96 star maps for observing the southern skies with the naked eye, standard binoculars or a small telescope. Divided into 12 sets, the maps cover all eight principal views of the sky (N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W and NW) for each month of the year and for different times during each night. For each set of star maps, the reader is alerted to prominent stars and constellations visible during that period of viewing. Terms and concepts are explained and frequently asked questions addressed. The maps are uncluttered and easy to read, drawn to a standard size on a generous scale. They enable progressive viewing of the sky at two-hourly intervals, taking into account the movement of the Earth and 'changing' views of the sky. They allow 360 viewing through all compass points. They are designed to encourage readers to pencil in their own connections between stars, and to draw in and track planets and their paths. Presenting black stars on a white background ensures clarity and ease of use at night. New Moon tables list all moonless nights, enabling readers to plan star-watching on the darkest nights. Star Maps for Southern Africa provides thorough and extensive coverage of our night skies, enabling readers to track stars and related spectacles throughout the year. 

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