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Sweden from above

Sweden from above

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Flying over Sweden isnt like flying over a single country. Its like flying over a world. No other European country is so diverse. There are sweeping farmlands with fields and grasslands forming elegant quilt patterns. There are small villages and towns that sometimes have a storybook look from above, or cities with streets and blocks forming gigantic abstract patterns. There are forests stretching so far that you are almost lost, and mountains that are high, barren and wild. And theres the winding coast with its myriad islands, rocks and reefs. I have been flying over Sweden for almost thirty years, in all kinds of weather and all seasons. I have crossed all the countrys landscapes many times over and taken hundreds of thousands of pictures. Yet every time I get in a plane and hear the engine cough, there are butterflies in my stomach. I still love flying and Im still just as fascinated by Sweden. This is the biggest aerial photo book on Sweden ever produced. Photographer Lars Bygdemark has spent years flying up and down the country to capture its landscapes from a new angle. The result is this magnificent voyage through the skies an epic portrayal of Sweden.

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