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Tanuki Ichiban by Zinaid Meeran

Tanuki Ichiban by Zinaid Meeran

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Tanuki Ichiban

Rabid to impress girls at underground dinner parties, Port of Cape Town mud traffic control officers Geronimo Chanboon and Darius Coochoomber III strive to smuggle and cook every rare critter on the endangered species roster. Meanwhile, Corsicana Malva, nursing a crush on retired circus orangutan Lahnee-O, spearheads the campaign to have the great apes declared human. Lovesick and gun-crazy, travel agent Gool Eunus, on the other hand,plots to take down the pretender to the throne of the Saudi Caliphate. This comical masterpiece holds the answers to who the Tanuki Ichiban really isand offers a witty and provocative milieu where elements of dreams and reality intertwine.

Author Zinaid Meeran(2012)
ISBN 1431402664, 9781431402663
Format Paperback
Pages 362p.

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