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Tears in My Hands By Stan Montsho

Tears in My Hands By Stan Montsho

  • R 17000

Sechaba’s journey is of trial and tribulations. Determined to become a man his family never had; he walked day and night to the unknown with only hope tucked tight in the pockets of his tattered trousers. 

A son of an absent father, Sechaba’s world was immersed with pain and a burden too heavy to carry. 

Tears in my Hands is a hypnotic, gripping and rousing narration that compels one to stay-up-all-night. It provides a vivid picture with emotions that you can almost touch. It is a story that many South Africans in rural areas can identity with, a story of loss courage, survival, forbidden love, and perseverance in the face of a ruthless system and poverty.”

Paperback, 136pp

ISBN 9780620757089

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