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The Animals Went in Two by Two

The Animals Went in Two by Two

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The Animals Went in Two by Two

The animals went in two by two, Hoorah Hoorah We know why they went in (for to get out of the rain ), but this funny pop-up version of the traditional nursery rhyme has a few surprises in store. For instance, did you know that when the animals went in four by four, the great Stegosaurus got stuck in the door? Or that when they went in nine by nine, they hung up their socks to dry on the line? Perfect for singing along with, this book is a great way to introduce young children to the numbers one to ten. Lift the flaps, pull the tabs and join the animals on board the Ark.

Author Jan Pie?Ì_å£kowski (2003)
ISBN 0744592674, 9780744592672
Format Hardback
Walker Books Ltd (2003)

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