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The Complete Bible Baddies.

The Complete Bible Baddies.

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The Complete Bible Baddies. Bob Hartman

Retold with Bob Hartman's insight and wit, some of these tales are funny, others are sinister. And some feature reformed baddies. Their dastardly deeds, pride, ruthlessness and misuse of power are vividly recreated. There are also 'come-uppance' stories and, last but not least, those showing God's compassion for the worst of 'baddies'. 'Baddies' include Pharoh, David, Jonah, Herod, Zacchaeus, Pilate, Peter, Jacob, Goliath, Judas and Paul. '...has the same appeal as the Horrible Histories series and serves as a brilliant introduction to the Bible for children who might otherwise ignore it.' The Bookseller

About the author.
Bob Hartman is an author with over 20 books to his credit. He is also a master performance storyteller for children. He uses his dynamic and interactive style to entertain audiences on both sides of the Atlantic Bob's has an amazing way of re-telling Bible stories in a fresh exciting, engaging and, interactive way.

Author   Bob Hartman (2005)
ISBN      9780745949345
Format   Paperback
Pages     191p.

19.81 cm

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