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The Darkling Spy <br> by Edward Wilson

The Darkling Spy
by Edward Wilson

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London, 1956. A generation of British spies are haunted by the ghosts of friends turned traitor. Henry Bone, a Mandarin spymaster, learns that "Butterfly" is the Holy Grail of Cold War Intelligence. In reality, he is an aristocratic pervert whose political tastes are as ugly as his sexual preferences. But worst of all, Butterfly can identify each traitor and every serving British spy who helped them. Enter Catesby, a British spy with his reputation in tatters, who sets the trap by pretending to defect in order to uncover Butterfly. Pressured into becoming a lure, Catesby's mission leads him from Berlin, through a shower of Molotov cocktails in Budapest, and finally to dinner alone with the East German espionage legend, Mischa Wolf. The novel's shocking conclusion will change your view of the Cold War forever.

Author Edward Wilson (2010)
ISBN 1906413649, 9781906413644
Format Paperback
Pages 288p

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