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The Exception to the Rulers (Used)

The Exception to the Rulers (Used)

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Amy Goodman has got the goods on the cowboys ruling the roost and dishing out the spoils of war in Washington. She serves them up here with hard facts and a sharp tongue that has won her legions of fans and a few well-placed enemies. An award-winning journalist with one of the most popular shows on American public radio, she fights daily to expose the lies, corruption and crimes of the power elite on behalf of that beleaguered breed: the unembedded citizen.

The Exception to the Rulers will give you the facts you need to launch the counter-revolution: it traces the chain of contacts behind the crony contracts in Iraq and follows the money trail from payback to campaign contribution. It looks at American foreign policy around the globe and skewers a media so bent on selling the story that they forgot to check if it was true. September 11th was a windfall for Bush and his cronies -- and a disaster for just about everyone else. It's time to cut through the rhetoric and obfuscation gumming up the airwaves and expose the lies and hypocrisy that are putting the entire world at risk

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