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The Fabulist's Bindle by Mehluli Nxumalo

The Fabulist's Bindle by Mehluli Nxumalo

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The Fabulist's Bindle is a collection of short stories authored by 2006 SA PEN/Studzinski Literary Award finalist, Mehluli Nxumalo. This collection entertains with fictionalised accounts of real-life adventures, mined from older people's memories of Africa, and other fiction written in a sometimes philosophical style, seasoned with humour.


The stories will draw you into the intriguing and comical world of confidence tricksters, cheats and their hapless victims, stretching to the world of politics alongside the story about humankind's first contact with aliens. 

Mehluli Nxumalo is a competition lawyer who has lived and worked in the Kingdom of Swaziland and neighbouring South Africa, which provide the setting for many of the short stories in this book. Other stories are set in Bantuland, a vast country which would cover much of sub-Saharan Africa - if it existed.

Author Mehluli Nxumalo
ISBN 9780994701770
Format Paperback
Pages 138p.

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