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The Fork In The Road

The Fork In The Road

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The Fork In The Road (A Pair Of Christian Stories About Faith & Love)

For Greener Pastures Along The Oregon Trail, is a Christian pioneer novella of over 10,000 words about one family's journey to the West and about the hardships which had to overcome such as a shortage of food and losing a wagon along the way, and many other trials and obstacles. Only their strong faith and love for God carried them through each day to their ritual of--after eating--gathering together and reading from the family bible. As they get towards the end of their journey, there's a major decision to be made.

Christian Lumberjack In The Old West, is a wonderful and emotional novella about one man's journey into life, and the old west, when he goes to Oregon to become a lumberjack. His story is told through a contemporary woman, a librarian in New York who finds most of the man's journal in the dusty reaches of the library basement. Through the pages of his story--one of inspiration and hope--he lives on and his words end up being a major factor in her own life, by convincing her to become both a better Christian, and a better human being.

Author Vanessa Carvo
ISBN 0099527030, 9780099527039
Format Paperback
Pages 439p.