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The Kebble Collusion

The Kebble Collusion

  • R 20000

The Kebble Collusion: Ten Fateful Days in a R26 Billion Fraud

In a world of outright denial, selective amnesia, and complex financial transactions designed to confuse, obfuscate, and hide the spoils, this book unravels one of South Africa's biggest cover-ups. This account tackles the shady financial dealings--a fraud that in today's terms amounts to 26 billion Rand--following the murder of mining magnate Brett Kebble. Featuring a stellar cast of players, including top financial institutions, leading bankers, and lawyers, it painstakingly details the dirty dealing across the upper strata of the sociopolitical system to reveal the truth behind the murder.

Author Barry Sergeant
ISBN 1431404640, 9781431404643
Format Paperback
Pages 469p.

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