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The Keiskamma Art Project - Restoring hope and livelihoods

The Keiskamma Art Project - Restoring hope and livelihoods

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Since its inception in 2000, the Keiskamma Art Project has produced works of exceptional beauty that explore issues of vital importance to all South Africans. A testament to Keiskamma‰ۡó»s founder, Carol Hofmeyr, and its 130 members, this book demonstrates that creativity and imagination can contribute substantially to poverty alleviation and empowerment. Brenda Schmahmann has undertaken meticulous research to produce the authoritative study of this remarkable project. This gorgeously illustrated volume is the first to be devoted to the Keiskamma Art Project. Sometimes reworking well-known paintings and other art from the West, including Picasso‰ۡó»s Guernica and the Ghent Altarpiece, the project highlights issues of local concern by engaging with the history of South Africa and the ongoing effects of colonisation, while also addressing contemporary challenges, such as the impact of HIV and AIDS and threats to the natural environment. Valuable not only to art historians, this book will inspire anyone with an interest in the visual arts or rural development in Africa.

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