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The Last of the Queen's Men

The Last of the Queen's Men

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The Last of the Queen's Men: A Lesotho Experience

Peter Sanders, one of the last administrative officers to be posted to Britain's African Empire, went to Lesotho -- then Basutoland -- in 1961 and left when the country attained its independence in 1966. In 1968 he returned to carry out research for his biography of Moshoeshoe and his edited translation (with Mosebi Damane) of the praise-poems of the Basotho chiefs. In The Last of the Queen's Men he relives those years, vividly recreating his experiences as a young and impressionable Englishman working first as an administrator and later as a scholar in the last years of British rule and the early days of Lesotho's independence. He does so with the sharp eye of an observer and the authority of an historian, placing his experience in the context of the extraordinary history of contacts and relations between black and white in southern Africa in general and in Lesotho in particular. The Last of the Queen's Men is a little gem, offering both a perspective on a vanishing order and a celebration of Lesotho -- of its mountainous grandeur and exhilarating climate, of its people, their history and their poetry.

Author Peter Sanders
ISBN 1868143538, 9781868143535
Format Paperback
Pages 175p.

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