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The Lazarus Effect

The Lazarus Effect

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The Lazarus Effect

Voinjama Johnson, 28, is an ambitious investigative journalist at the Cape Town magazine
Urban. Her life is messy, and to top it all, Vee's been seeing things: a teenage girl in a red hat, more specifically, an unsettling hallucination that goes hand-in-hand with debilitating episodes Vee is loath to call 'panic attacks'.

When Vee spots a photograph of the girl from her visions at a local hospital, she quickly launches an investigation, under the pretext of an article about missing children in Cape Town. She's soon delving into the secrets of the fractured Fourie and Paulsen families, with the help of her assistant Chloe Bishop, another young woman who isn't quite what she seems. What happened to Jacqui Paulsen, who left home two years ago and hasn't been seen since?.

Author HJ Golakai
ISBN 9780795703195
Format Paperback
Pages 310p.

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