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The Lusaka Years by Hugh Macmillan

The Lusaka Years by Hugh Macmillan

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This is the extraordinary story of the ANC in exile in Zambia, where the organisation had its headquarters for most of the time after it was banned in South Africa. The book uses the ANC’s own archives, the Zambian archives and oral sources, as well as the author’s own participant observation, to provide a vivid account of this crucial era in southern African history.

It seeks to understand the sociology of the ANC in exile in Zambia and argues that this was very different from its camp-based culture in Angola. It also examines the influence of the ANC’s exile experience on its approach to negotiations with the South African government and the transition from apartheid. It concludes by arguing that the legacy and lessons of exile were not, as some observers suggest, so much secrecy, paranoia and a lack of internal democracy, as caution, moderation and the avoidance of utopian experiments or great leaps forward.

About the Author

Hugh Macmillan is a historian who has taught at universities in Swaziland, Zambia and South Africa. He is currently a research associate at the African Studies Centre, Oxford University, where he has had funding from the Leverhulme Trust to write a history of the ANC in exile in Zambia. His books include An African Trading Empire (IB Tauris, 2005) and Zion in Africa (IB Tauris, 1999, with Frank Shapiro). He has published widely on a variety of southern African topics, including the history of the ANC.

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