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The Mysterious Odyssey of a Village Boy

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The mysterious odyssey of a village boy

During our lifetimes, we go through, see and hear about certain things. Among them are things that we'd like to remember for the rest of our lives. Those are the kinds of things that we, humans, usually refer to as the pleasant or sweet memories. On the flip side there are things that we'd like to wipe off our memories. Those are the regretful moments; those moments that we never like to revisit, even in our minds' eyes. For such memories, we like to guard as privately as possible and wish they have never occurred. This book combines those real life issues, detailing the mysterious tale of a little boy who found himself entangled in a web bigger than himself and had to, over a period of several decades, dedicate his life to untangling the mystery that surrounds his life. In short, the story is a combination of sad and happy events in the boy's life, which are both traditional and unconventional and put to perspective real world issues by bringing together the good, bad, hardworking, docile, deceitful, and righteous people.

Author Yankuba Mamburay
ISBN 9789983955699
Format Paperback
Pages 148p.

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