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The New Suffolk Hymnbook

The New Suffolk Hymnbook

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The New Suffolk Hymnbook

A professor contemplates the ruins of his life while delivering a passionate final lecture; a city girl suffers an unaccountably cruel twist of fate in a stranger's apartment; a rising executive flies blindly toward his past; and, darkly fleeting, a young boy haunts the lives of all who cross his path. It is the district of Suffolk that binds them together, a place so carefully and imaginatively constructed that it evokes the novels of William Faulkner. Through a beautifully crafted mosaic of different voices brought to life in dazzling, original prose, this novelcreates a world that breaks new ground in literary convention and leaves a mark long after its poignant end.

Author Ben Oswest
ISBN 1770092137, 9781770092136
Format Paperback
Pages 227p.

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