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The refined player. Sex, lies and dates

The refined player. Sex, lies and dates

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The refined player. Sex, lies and dates

by Marc Stevel

Stevel Marc was once asked the question "How many women have you slept with?" which led him to a place of reflection. Stevel realized that we are moving in a new space and relationships are no longer simple. Based on his experiences and the 800 men and women he interviewed, Stevel offers us a guide to dating in our modern world. The Refined Player: Sex, Lies and Dates not only helps men to understand their role in relationships, but it also inspires women to be empowered and to expect and demand better from their men. Stevel shows us that it is possible to have those difficult conversations about money, sex, honesty, and trust. With Stevel's help you can transition from single-hood into a meaningful relationship and turn your life around.

Author     Stevel Marc
ISBN       9781928337041
Format    Paperback
Pages     198p.

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