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The Scent of Bliss by Nthikeng Mohlele

The Scent of Bliss by Nthikeng Mohlele

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Q is diagnosed with generalised anxiety disorder and resigns as lecturer in Creative Writing at the University of Good Hope in Lumumbaville. In quiet moments he reflects on his childhood; the passing of his mother and the strained relationship with his father. Bernice, his pregnant older lover, vanishes one day – without ever confirming that the baby was his.


Now unemployed, Q’s life takes a peculiar turn as he searches for her. He finds himself on a haphazard journey to Misty Hills. And it is here, in a field of sunflowers, that he may find the answers that he’s been seeking.

The Scent of Bliss is an intimate look into Q’s life as he struggles with his anxiety disorder, the sombre memories of his childhood and the sense of not belonging. This novella is also a love tale that explores anguish and survival, and the absurdities that define the human condition.

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