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The Spice Routes

The Spice Routes

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The Spice Routes

Combining travelogue and recipes, this book tells the story of how Chris andarolyn Caldicott followed the trails of the early spice merchants on theirearch for authentic spice recipes. As they travel through the Easternediterranean, the Indian subcontinent, Asia, Africa and the Americas, theyxplain how indigenous spices were traded and how foreign spices arrived, andhey explore the effect the spices have had on the local cuisines, supplyinghe recipes for the dishes they discovered along the way.;Among theirdventures are an encounter with an unscrupulous saffron-dealer in the soukn Aswan, an elephant hike through the jungles of south west Nepal, enrolmentt the Thai Cooking School at the Oriental Hotel in Bangkok, and a trekcross the Andes to Machu Picchu, the lost city of the Incas.

Authors Chris Caldicott, Carolyn Caldecott (2001)
ISBN 0711217564, 9780711217560
Format Paperback
Pages 192 p.

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