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The Sugar Farmer's Son by Greg Arde

The Sugar Farmer's Son by Greg Arde

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The Sugar Farmer's Son is the incredible story of a South African businessman's amazing life that saw him survive blindness, the heartache of losing half his family in a plane crash, numerous boardroom battles and a brush with death..
It is a story of love and fantastic fortitude.
It is a rollicking good read with tender insights. Largely set in the Indian Ocean city of Durban, the story takes in a world of business, spans three centuries and includes family drama and soaring triumph and travails.

Columnist and veteran journalist Wendy Knowler:
My mother's sister having married into the de Rauville clan, I grew up among the excitable characters in this lovely book. Many a Sunday was spent at their Salt Rock beach compound having my chubby cheeks double kissed by a gaggle of grown ups with funny accents. Theirs is an interesting family with a penchant for loud and lively debates. Uncle Gerard, the most genteel of the brothers, is a clever, polished businessman who adores his family. He's had a profoundly rich life filled with love and drama and amazing highs and lows. It is an inspiring tale of triumph over adversity, both humorous and poignant, expertly explored by Greg Arde (himself of Mauritian extraction & partial to a good yarn).

Philani Mgwaba, Sowetan Publisher and former editor of The Mercury, The Sunday Tribune, Pretoria News and Isolezwe:
Greg Arde has done a fine job of bringing to life the story of this remarkable family and a leading South African businessman. It's a motivational, absorbing tale of unbelievable heartbreak, but also of resilience and courage. Gerard de Rauville's life represents triumph of the human spirit over adversity. It's a page turner. The writer is to be commended for his easy-to-read style; the book is accessible and thoroughly enjoyable.

Jonathan Ancer, author of SPY Uncovering Craig Williamson:
Gerard de Rauville's is a most readable biography, a fascinating insight into the life of a man imbued with good values. It is an inspiring tale of tragedy, setbacks and success through perseverance.
It's not a wart-free story. It paints a three-dimensional and vivid picture of a man with flaws and foibles; a smart character fulsomely brought to life in his grittiness, sense of humour, humility and integrity. It is both gripping and moving. Greg Arde has done a sterling job.

Title: The Sugar Farmer's Son -- The Life and Times of Gerard De Rauville

Author: Greg Arde

Paperback, 263 pages

ISBN: 9780620777070

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