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The Thunder That Roars by Imran Garda

The Thunder That Roars by Imran Garda

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Yusuf Carrim has made it in New York. His tech-savvy coverage of the Arab Spring saw his journalism career skyrocket. But when his wealthy father asks him to help look for a missing family friend called Sam, he must return to South Africa. Yusuf's search takes him to places he could never have imagined. Enlisting the help of an eccentric professor and Sam’s exotic uncle, Yusuf discovers facts that call his own origins into question – and prompt him to step up the search for Sam before it is too late.

From the suburbs of Johannesburg to the streets of Bulawayo, from Dubai airport to an immigrant center on the island of Lampedusa, Yusuf’s quest to find Sam turns into an inward journey of his own. The Thunder That Roars is Imran Garda’s cosmopolitan, fast-paced debut.

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