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Tom Wesselmann

Tom Wesselmann

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Best known for his career-spanning series " Great American Nude," featuring female figures in intensely saturated interiors, Pop artist Tom Wesselmann (1931-2004) used collage, assemblage and shaped canvases to usher in a new vocabulary of painting. The works in this catalogue highlight a number of techniques that Wesselmann pioneered and are largely not to be found among his Pop contemporaries. In an interior still life from 1964, Wesselmann incorporates a fan and a clock into the canvas, pushing the boundaries of collage and assemblage. Collages from the 1960s feature cutouts from advertising billboards.
Also included are Wesselmann's steel-cut works, molded plastic paintings and his iconic shaped canvases. A large-scale painting installation is featured, underscoring Wesselmann's highly innovative approach in bringing the medium into three dimensions. From his " Great American Nude" of 1961 to his final "Sunset Nude" of 2004, the full breadth of Wesselmann's accomplishment is represented.

Author Tom Wesselmann
ISBN 0988618885, 9780988618886
Format Hardback
Pages 128p.

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