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Tracking Bubu

Tracking Bubu

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Tracking Bubu: Or, How Threats of Disinheritance Caused Me to Set Off for the Jungle in Search of Happiness, Gorillas and Perhaps a Husband

A compilation of journal entries and e-mails written over a 15-month periodwhile in the jungles of Africa,thiscollection tells the author's story of tracking gorillas--called BuBu by the BaKa pygmies of the region. Often hilarious anddeeply personal, the author's e-mails describe the hot, sweaty days spent in the forest running away from Jonathan the forest elephant, attempting to catch a glimpse of the elusive BuBu, and trying to remain ladylike through it all.

Author Catja Orford
ISBN 9781770092389
Format Paperback
Pages 173p.

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