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Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard

Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard

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Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard

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"Christie ventures deep into the underground world of African stowaways who call Cape Town’s and other coastal city’s bridges, highways, and forests their home. The foreshores and harbours of these places offer the perfect viewing point for those whose lives are dictated by the tides of ships coming in and out, offering escape routes and temporary shelter."

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Beneath the Nelson Mandela Boulevard flyover on Cape Town's foreshore lives a community of stowaways, young Tanzanian men from the slums of Dar es Salaam. 

When journalist Sean Christie meets Adam Bashili, he comes to know the extraordinary world of the Beachboys, a multi-port, fourth-generation subculture that lives to stow away and stows away to survive. But Sean starts to accompany the beachboys on trips around their everyday Cape Town, he becomes more than a casual observer, serving as sometime moneylender, driver, confidant and scribe, and eventually joining Adam on an unprecedented tour of Dar es Salaam's underworld and a reckless run down Africa's east coast. 

Under Nelson Mandela Boulevard remaps both city and continent, introducing us to the places and people we so frequently overlook.

About the author
Sean Christie was a category winner at the 2014 CNN African Journalist of the Year Awards. In 2015 he was awarded a Taco Kuiper prize for his journalism on the stowaways.

Author      Sean Christie
ISBN         9781868426904
Format      Paperpack
Pages        240p.

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