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Underground Booksellers of Johannesburg walking tour

Underground Booksellers of Johannesburg walking tour

  • R 30000

For a special tour during the Rand Club's Book Faire on 2 November, Griffin Shea leads a guided walk through the inner-city’s literary history, tracing Joburg’s informal book trade.

The walk will start at the Rand Club, where Bridge Books has just moved into one of the historic building's shopfronts. Then we meander through Joburg's historic district for about 90 minutes. 

We'll visit the Joubert Street market, home to many of the 70-plus booksellers in the CBD; and De Strong Tower, importers of Nigerian chapbooks; . There's also spaza shops, religious shops, sidewalk vendors and fashion boutiques -- which all sell books too.

The tour starts at 11am, and returns in time for the 1pm tour of the Rand Club building.

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