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We Need a Country by Monde Nkasawe

We Need a Country by Monde Nkasawe

  • R 19000

It is modern day South Africa. Fuel prices are shooting up. Mine workers’ deaths are increasing every day. Electricity is unaccounted for. Service delivery strikes are the prevailing state of affairs in every township. And the country has just been declared bankrupt. Most believe that it is mismanagement of state funds, but General Lucille Bester does not buy that. She believes it is something more sinister.

But she will need to prove it. She teams up with Constable Nombeko Ncovana, a fresh-from-college police officer who discovers that the country has been captured, and that its resources are being looted through a state-of-the art secret highway. The results?

An arrest of ten cabinet ministers who were implicated in state capture. The resignation of the president. The president’s son in hiding. This might just be a new dawn for the country… or not.

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