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Who Am I? by Dharmisha Cvetkovic

Who Am I? by Dharmisha Cvetkovic

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"You're NO FUN Sarah!" her friends say to her. "You're LOTS OF FUN," her mom says to her.

Is this who she really is?

Have you ever wondered about who you really are? Parents, friends and teachers label us on a daily basis -- "Stop being silly, You are so pretty, You are weird, You are amazing, You will never become anything." This starts to shape the way we see ourselves. Ultimately, we become what we think we are. How do we drop these labels and connect to our true power?

This delightful tale takes you on a journey with Sarah and her mom as they peel off the labels, and discover much more than the obvious.

Author Dharmisha Cvetkovic
ISBN 9780620670715
Format Paperback
Pages 24p.

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